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老師們平日積極投入並專注於音樂教育事業,  與同業在專業領域上毫不保留地交流.
除了工作上的精進,  日常生活中, 老師們也需要與同好友人輕鬆小聚,   疏解工作上的緊張與壓力.   協會會不定期的邀請各領域達人來跟大家談談非音樂的社會流行趨勢,  娛樂休閒項目或分享食譜.   把握機會與同事們齊聯誼! 


Our yearly activities include student recitals, the CMTANC Youth Music competition, and Champion Honors Recital. Throughout the year, CMTANC also sponsors various music activities such as workshops, seminars and master classes for our members, students, parents and the community. The monthly newsletter is available and is mailed to our members regularly.

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