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CMTANC provides member teachers and their students to present at the Student Recital Series. Varieties of program types, such as solo and ensemble programs are all welcome.


DATES & LOCATIONS: 2021-2022

Oct 24 2-6 pm 2021 ( Santa Clara )
Nov 21 1-5 pm 2021 ( zoom )
Dec 19 2-6 pm 2021 ( Santa Clara )
Jan 30 1-5 pm 2022 ( zoom )
Feb 20 1-5 pm 2022 ( Santa Clara )
April 17 1-5 pm 2022 (Santa Clara )


Eligibility: Only students of current active members of the CMTANC can be enrolled to the recital.

Solo repertoire must be performed from memory.

Music length and Fee:

Solo :

$30.00/each person

$40.00 over 7 minutes up to 15 minutes

Duet :

$20.00/each person

$25.00 over 7 minutes up to 15 minutes

Trio : $15.00/each person
Quartet : $15.00/each person
Quintet: $12.00/each person
Group with 6 people or more: $60.00/each group

Each teacher may submit a total of 6 students max with 20 minutes limited per recital. $10/per student will be charged to the teacher if the performance is over time or exceed 6 students.


Performers and families are required to remain for the entire recital. No children under 5 years old. You may be quietly videotaping or taking photos of your child’s performance.


Female performers should wear a knee length skirts or dresses, blouses or dress pants and all with dress shoes [non-athletic].
Male performers should wear dress slacks, a dress shirt and dress shoes [non-athletic].


1. Pay through PayPal on the CMTANC website first. Please carefully choose your performance category and duration of your music.
2. After the completion of PayPal, click on “RETURN TO MERCHANT”. It will take you to the Student Recital Registration Form.
3. Submit all the required information.
4. Once your music information is submitted, there is no change allowed.
5. The payment is final and no refund if absent from the recital or because of any reasons. (Confirmation Record will be sent to you via email).

Mrs. Doris Lin will be in charge of Student Recital