Date: Monday, 12/03/2018

Time: 10:00am–12:00pm

Location: Lexus of Stevens Creek (Activity Room, 2nd floor)

3333 Stevens Creek Boulevard

San Jose, CA 95117



Music Technology Workshop by Alexander Wong


Learn how to create better recordings for your students or your own personal use. We will cover how to use various software for music creation and recording, including notation software so you can create and print sheet music. In addition, we will discuss recording techniques, as well as learn about the equipment used in recording and music creation. This includes: microphones, audio interfaces, headphones/speakers, and MIDI keyboards. We will go over different options for different budgets as well, including free software options!




1. 音樂製作和聲學基本概念

2. 錄音技巧

3. 錄音器材認識及運用

4. 軟體基本操作