Students’ In-Person Recital on Sun @ SCU on 9/10/23 at 1-6pm (Deadline 9/1/23)

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Eligibility: Only students of current active teacher members of the CMTANC can be enrolled to the recital. Music length:
Solo  $ 30 each person
$ 30 over 7 minutes up to 15 minutes
Duet $ 10 each person
$15 over 7 minutes up to 15 minutes
Solo repertoire must be performed from memory. Time limit per piece of music is 7 minutes. $ 10 will be charged for over time. The maximum length of each piece is 15 minutes (if it’s over timed). Each member teacher may submit for max. 6 students and not exceed maximum 20 minutes per recital, $ 10 penalty per student of the same teacher will be charged if his/her students’ performance time has exceeded the 20 minutes limit Student can play 2 pieces but not 3 3 . Please remember each teacher’s maximum time 20 minutes DRESS CODE: Female performers should wear a minimum of knee length skirts or dresses, blouses or dress pants and all with dress shoes [non-athletic]. Male performers should wear dress slacks , a dress shirt and dress shoes [non-athletic]. Suits,sweaters and ties are not required, but welcome. Register and pay student recital online Steps: 1. Pay through PayPal first. Please carefully choose your performance category and duration of your music. 首先請透過 PAYPAL 線上付款. 2. After the completion of PayPal, click on “RETURN TO MERCHANT”. It will take you to the Student Recital Registration Form. 完成 PAYPAL 付款後, 請點擊 “RETURN TO MERCHANT” 連結進⼊報名表. 3. Submit all the required information. A confirmation email should be sent to you for your record. 請填妥所有必要資訊. 4. Once your music information is submitted, there is no change allowed. 繳送報名表後 恕不得更改. 5. The payment is final and no refund if absent from the recital or because of any reasons. 恕不接受退費申請