How to Register and Pay Online

Procedures of registering the Student Recital and pay online
1. Pay via PayPal (The receipt number or Transaction ID is needed for Part 2.)
2. Fill in the Registration Form and submit

Step 1: 於 目錄點擊 Student Recitals


2. 仔細閱讀規章並務必遵行.   該頁最下方即可發現選項付費功能.


3. 選擇演奏項目及樂器, 並填寫參演學生名字. 若為多人重奏,  則需填寫所有人員姓名.  點擊 PAY NOW 進行付費.


4. 於此頁面選擇登入您 PAYPAL 帳號或利用信用卡付款.  CMTANC 無從讀取您的金融資料,  請放心沒有洩露隱私之虞.


5. 登入後進行付款.


6. 完成付款時,  請 COPY (複製)該收據號碼以備後用. 
    一定要點擊 RETURN TO MERCHANT 功能鈕才能繼續進行報名動作.


7. 點擊 RETURN TO MERCHANT 功能鈕後進入報名表單,  請完整填寫.  沒有PAYPAL Receipt number 將無法完成.


8. 將 PAYPAL Receipt Number 於此區貼入.


9. 電子簽名後點擊 SUBMIT 繳交. 成功繳交時您會收到一封系統發出的電郵.  如此報名程序大功告成.


10. 主辦老師會於演出前與參演學生的指導老師聯繫確認資料.


Our yearly activities include student recitals, the CMTANC Youth Music competition, and Champion Honors Recital. Throughout the year, CMTANC also sponsors various music activities such as workshops, seminars and master classes for our members, students, parents and the community. The monthly newsletter is available and is mailed to our members regularly.

Contact us

P. O. Box 3382, Saratoga, CA 95070, U.S.A.,
Phone (408) 681-9928
Email :

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